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The Afrikan Origin Of Man


The arts, music, science, math, language culture, spirituality, religion, architecture, agriculture and civilization; these things all originated in the mother continent of Afrika and were developed by black Afrikans, the original people of the earth.  Yes, it was the black Afrikan who walked the earth alone for greater than 85% of the time that modern humans have existed.


“Nature doesn’t do anything by chance, and it is for that reason that man kind that was born in a sub equatorial region was given melanin to protect its skin; and for that reason it is certain that the first man had to be a black man.” -Diop


All humans currently on earth (regardless of race or color) belong to the same species.  We are all homo Sapien Sapiens.  Homo Sapien Sapien first appeared about 200,000 years ago on the Afrikan continent in the region near to modern day Kenya.


“We are able to scientifically say today with certainty that mankind was born in Afrika, on the latitude more less of Kenya and that area which comprises Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania; and going on a north south axis going all the way south to south Afrika. ” -diop


These modern humans remained in Afrika for some 160,000 years before migrating off of the continent.  So, during this period, there where no modern humans on any continent other then the Afrikan continent, and there were no humans of any racial type other that the black africoid or Afrikan type.


About 40,000 years ago the Afrikan began migrations out of Africa into Asia and Europe and to various islands such as Australia.  At this point we see all of the major landmasses, with the exception of the Americas , being populated by humans; Africa, Asia and Europe are all now inhabited by humans; but for the next 20,000 years the human population of the earth would remain exclusively black African (africoid). 


The Asians

It was not until around 20,000 years ago that the mongoloid racial type began to stabilize.   This was the early Asian, or the proto-Asian type that developed from the Afrikans who migrated to land masses such as India and going out to the pacific Asia.  Because of the geographical differences between Africa and these new areas, the expressed physical features of the proto-Asians adapted to the various environments.  The skin color and pigmentation levels now ranged from still black , to brown, and lightening to the yellows that we currently observe in some modern Asian types (e.g. Chinese, Japanese). 


It is important to note that not only where the first inhabitants of all Asian land masses black, but that they brought with them language, civilization and culture; further developing that civilization as a black people for thousands of years after their arrival.  For example: the first Chinese dynasty – the Chang dynasty, was a black dynasty.


Under the rulership of King T’ang or Ta, the Chang (or Shang) dynasty became the earliest documented dynasty of China (1500 – 1000 bc).  This dynasty is credited with being foundational in Chinese development of civilization, brining together all important elements of the earliest Chinese civilazations (which were themselves predominately black and africoid).  The Chang  were known as the Nakhi (Na: Black, Khi: man). 


“The Chiang, who may have originally come from the west, were black.  A present-day people, known as the Nakhi/Nasi consider themselves descendents of the Chiang.  The name Nahki was apparently given to the Chiang by the Moso people, due to their darker complexion.  Nahki means black man (Na = black; Khi=man).  The Moso were also dark, but not as dark as the Nahki.  These people currently live in the Tibetan mountains…” –James Brunson (African Presence in Early Asia)


The Chang dynasty established the beautiful form of writing know as calligraphy which still exists today.  The first Chinese Emperor was a woolly haired black man; none other than the great Fu-Hsi (2953-2838).  Fu-Hsi is credited with establishing government, social institutions and cultural inventions.


The Whites

The Afrikans who migrated into Europe found themselves facing a climate that was phenomenally different from anything they had ever known.  They moved into Europe during the ‘ice age’ and were challenged with the task of survival in extreme sub zero temperatures. 


“It was between 40 and 20,000 years ago that [the Afrikan] left Afrika to go to Europe at a time during the final or the last glaciation.  The climate in Europe was extremely cold, it was much colder that it is now.  And during this period of 20,000 years he underwent the adaptation to become what we know to be white men.” –Diop


In this new environment, temperatures where extremely frigid, the land was covered with deep snow and ice, trees and vegetation were scarce to the point of near non-existence, food was limited, and finding warm shelter was challenging.  The Afrikans were now at an altitude distant enough from the equator that sunlight was very limited and indirect.  


In the fight for survival, the European Afrikans utilized hunting as meat became nearly their exclusive food source.  They wore animal skins for warmth, grouped into clans and often sought the shelter of caves for protection.  The clans would often war against one another, sometimes resorting to cannibalism for survival.  This was a major setback to the development of civilization as art, culture, philosophy and science would all take on less importance as the migrants engaged in the most basic act of human survival.


It is important to note that this ‘ice age’ was not global and did not reach the Afrikan continent.  In Afrika, the climate remained warm, vegetation abundant, food plentiful and sunlight direct and intense.  For the European Afrikan, the long worshiped and endeared ‘mother earth’ had now become their adversary.  The threat of death by starvation of lack of warmth was ever-present.  Furthermore, to leave ones dwelling (cave of otherwise) was akin to going into battle much of the time.  It was indeed a dangerous act to expose ones self to unforgiving temperatures, with a necessarily, heightened awareness… to hunt and be hunted.


For the next 20,000 years this continued.  Over this period of time; due to the drastically different geography and climate and a reduced gene pool, the dark skinned, curly haired Afrikan adapted and modified into the pale skin, straight haired white man that we know today as the European.    


“It is very clear to all of the scientist involved in this field even if they are only able to say it within themselves and unable to say it publically; that the man that we know conventionally to be a white man evolved from a black man, over a period of  some 20,000 years of adaptation to a different climate.  And if we are to say with any serenity, resting totally on scientific data, that is the [conclusion] that we must come to.  

” –Diop


The Caucasoid (the white man) as a racial type, did not emerge or stabilize until approximately 6 - 8,000 years ago (4000 - 6000 b.c.).  The Etymology of the word ‘caucasian’ directs us to both the defining characteristic (lack of melanation) and the origin of the white man:


“the ‘cauc’ of Caucasian is undoubtedly a variant of cauk (a word removed from dictionaries), caulk, chalk, chalc(edony), calc(ium), English cauken, French cauquer; Latin calx; and Spanish cauce, caucho.  All these words look similar, sound similar, and point to one thing: WHITEness” – Suzar


cauc is a major component of the Caucus Mountains, which feature thousands of natural caves in its limestone (‘cauk’) hills and slopes.  The Cauk caves of the Cauk-asus Mountains were the earliest homes of the Cauk-Asians for some 2000 years.” -Suzar


Looking again at the word Caucasian, it is clearly a misnomer.  It literally means white-Asians, however the Caucasians are not Asians.  They originated not in Asia or Europe, but Afrika.  So, they should properly be called Cauk-Africans.


“Historically, the white race has sought to hide its genetic origins in Africa amongst blacks, just as it has sought to deny the origins of the white civilization from the culture of blacks in Africa, seeking instead to proclaim an origin amongst the Greeks.  Historically, whites also have sought to degrade Africa and everything black.  By so doing, whites can avoid confronting the true meaning of skin whiteness as a mutation and genetic deficiency state from the black norm – the ‘hue-man’ norm… Deep within the unconscious psyche of the white collective is an awareness of their origin amongst Blacks, that Blacks were their parents and that they (whites) were the defective offspring’s of blacks.”  - Dr Welsing


Afrikan culture has always been matriarchal (especially pre-colonialism).  We have always traced our lineage through the mother.  Being that European culture is patriarchal, it seems likely that this switch occurred during the 20,000 year adaptive/survival period where gender roles where heavily modified.  For example,  the woman (the sacred mother), who is traditionally the backbone of the Afrikan family and society was in Europe greatly reduced in stature.  In fact, during the survival phase, she was more or less reduced to a reproductive role.  Sometimes seen as a liability when food was scarce.  It has been supposed that the relatively aggressive nature of he European can also be attributed to the warlike atmosphere of the European ice age.


Europe a Student of Afrika


For six thousand years Afrika was the worlds super-power.  And for much of that period the world’s only civilizations existed there.  The most advanced civilization on the continent was the Nile Valley Civilization comprised of Ancient Egypt/Kemet and Nubia/Kush (modern day Sudan) and Ethiopia.   The Nile Valley Civilization was  in fact a 4000 mile strip of geography that touched many civilizations.  Situated along the abundantly flowing Nile river it functioned as a cultural highway. The Ancient Egyptians/Kemites were in fact Nubians (modern day Sudanese) who migrated north to cultivate what is modern day Egypt.  There are over a dozen pyramids in Sudan today, all dating earlier than the Egyptian pyramids.  The Nubian is the mother of the Egyptian and most of the culture and science that we know as Egyptian was developed in the Sudan and perfected in Egypt.  The Kemites were entirely a black African people.  The word Kemet (Afrikan word for Egypt) literally means ‘black land’. 


“Egypt, a Nile Valley civilization was already old before Europe was born.  Nile Valley civilization also existed before the Western Asian civilization of the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers.  This fact was acknowledged for years by the European academic  hypocrites who thought they had gotten away with claiming Egypt as a European, or at least Asian, creation.  The archaeological research of Europeans disproved their claim.  They could not find a single artifact in Western Asia, or in mainland Asia, that was older than the artifacts of Nile Valley civilization, or Africa in general.  This revelation created a new dilemma for the European claimers of Egypt.  They were saying, in effect, figuratively speaking, a child gave birth to himself, then he created his own mother.” –John Henrik Clarke 


The educational centers in Afrika were the greatest in the world.  In fact, the Europeans were only becoming literate at a time when the Kemetians were in their 26th dynasty!  At this point in time, the sphinx, pyramids and much of the great Afrikan kingdoms architecture were already become old and showing age. 


Black Afrikans were the teachers of the greeks who began traveling to Egypt to study in the 6th century b.c.  Black Egyptian priests and priestesses taught the ‘greatest minds of europe’: Plato, Aristotle, Pythagorus, Thales, Democritus and Solon all schooled in Afrika.  Socrates and Aesop (Aesop’s Fables) were in fact black Afrikans.  After the invasion by ‘Alexander the Great’, the Egyptian libraries and temples were plundered by the Greeks.   Books and scrolls containing knowledge 1000s of years in the making were shipped to Greece.  At this time, Aristotle converted the Library of Alexander into ‘his’ school and research center.


“There is no wonder then, that the production of the unusually large number of books ascribed to Aristotle has proved a physical impossibility, for any single man within a life time” – George James (Stolen Legacy)


In fact, Greek architecture including the famous columns is completely a replica of Afrikan/Egyptian architecture.  Greek philosophy is a denigrated copy or plaigerization of Egyptian philosophy.  What we know to be Greek science is actually Afrikan science, and Greek Gods are copies of Kemetic gods.

For example:


Afrikan Deity

Greek Copy

Roman Copy

Description, Aspects




Prinipal goddess.  Other goddesses are versions of her.




Goddess of Love, Beauty




Goddess of Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Balance. Serpent Goddess of Wisdom, slandered as Gorgon.




Principle God, Only god called ‘God’.




King of the Gods




Messenger of the Gods, God of Travel, Theft, Cunning, Scince, Invention




Sungod, God of Prophecy, Music, Medicine, Poetry.



For more on this topic please read ‘Nile Valley contributions to Civilization’ by Anthony T. Browder.


The Native Americans

The Native Americans are a mongoloid race.  They share history with the Asians (and of course Afrikans).  In fact, Native Americans are a branch of the Proto-Asian group (Afrikans migrated to Asia), who then further migrated to the Americas.  During the Ice Age, an ice bridge formed over the Bering Straits; a body of water that separates Asia(modern day Russia) from America (modern day Alaska). 


This ice bridge made it possible for the Asian migrants to walk from one continent to the other.  They proceeded to populate the Americas from Canada down to South America forming into tribes and kingdoms, further developing art, cultures,  spiritual systems and civilization.  It can be observed that the Native American culture is generally a spiritual, earth-based culture having many similarities to traditional Afrikan culture which is also earth-based and inherently spiritual.


In addition to the Proto-Asian migrants who walked to the Americas, it was the Twa or Pygmy who sailed to the new continent from Afrika (nile valley civilization); who contributed greatly to the Native American culture development.  These Afrikans arrived in the Americas greater than 2000 years prior to Christopher Columbus and the Europeans.  


“Flourishing more than 1000 years before Christ, the Olmecs was the parent civilization of Ancient America.  Colossal monuments of stone heads in Mexico show numerous carvings of them as gods.  Their faces are unmistakably Africoid and their hair is plaited or in cornrows!  Furthermore, they were Twa (Pygmies).   Many gods of ancient Central America are portrayed black with Africoid features.  There are many Africoid portraits in stone, clay, copper and gold.  In addition to their early culture shaping role, the Olmecs were undoubtedly profoundly influenced by black migrants from Africa’s Nile Valley.  Columbus himself made emphatic references to Black traders from Guinea” -Suzar



“If the man that we see in the middle had never left Afrika to people other parts of the world and if those people in other parts of the world  in different climates had not through the process of adaptation become what they are in various regions of the world; all man would be homogenous.  And all man would be black.” –Diop


Racial Emergence Chart


Emergence Time

Africoid (Afrikan - Black)

150,000 – 200,000 yrs ago

Mongoloid (Asian & Native American – Yellow & Red)

20,000 yrs ago

Caucasian (European –White)

6-8,000 yrs ago



So the whites/Europeans/caucasians are by far the youngest race; and the only race to suffer such a major setback (the Ice Age) to the cultivation of civilization.  The transformative phenomenon of the Ice Age completely divorced the Caucasians/Caukafricans from their Afrikan roots and the greater than 100,000 years of culture and civilization that is their ancestral birth-right. 


The Afrikan race is the mother race to all humans.  We have the greatest genetic diversity and contain the genetic code for all races within us.  We are the original developers of art, writing, math, science, architecture and civilization.  The origin of humanity in every way is Afrika and the Afrikan.  Afrika will always be the richest land in minerals, resources and beauty; and the Afrikan is still the richest man culturally, spiritually and genetically.  The human race is one race with a long shared history.  Let us love and respect our dear mother… Mama Afrika.



-Manu Amun